About Us

The Philosophy

Mi Ventus is a humble approach to bridge the gap between our environmental conscious thoughts and collective actions. A platform that can support us in connecting our individual consciousness for a collective action love, peace and tranquility.

The Platform

Mi Ventus is platform dedicated to connect Pet & Plant lovers locally and globally. A platform to exhibit love for your pets or plants and most importantly your love for the environment.

Adopt An Endangered Species

Mi Ventus also provide you an opportunity to adopt an endangered species and be part of the “Mother Earth Community”. Be the voice of those that cannot speak for themselves and help preserve all beings for the future generations.

Our Responsibility

Most of us seldom have the ability and support to act on our thoughts, but for few of us action is the only way to fulfill our thoughts. Mi Ventus provides the opportunity and the platform to contribute and most importantly do it now. More than our responsibility lets show our love for this beautiful planet we call mother earth!

Plants Community

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